If you're a business-minded Christian...

And you understand the best way to make an impact is with more financial resources and time freedom...

This Black Friday Special is going to help catapult your journey.

Details below

We’ve officially rolled out our first-ever Digital Storefront's Black Friday Special..

Basically, we want to GIVE you thousands of dollars in our best training, support, software, and online marketing tools...

...at no cost when you join our DSF Family!

Here’s a look at everything we’ve packed into this limited-time deal..

First off, you’ll be investing in the program that’s changed hundreds of fellow - business-minded - Christian’s lives:
The Complete Digital Storefronts Program
    • Create a stream of passive, reliable, and recession-proof online income by renting “Digital Storefronts” to local business owners.

    • Get a complete start-to-finish roadmap for getting your first clients and quickly get to $1500-$2k/month online (just follow the instructions and click the buttons I tell you to!)

    • Bring 15 GOOD Loan Officer Referral Partners into your agency inside the next 90 days

    • This is exactly what took me from making $50K/year as a full-time minister.. to owning and operating a 7-figure marketing agency!

    Of course this is just a tiny glimpse at everything you get inside the Digital Storefronts program.

    But for now I want to move on because where this Black Friday Special gets really exciting..

    Is that we’re also throwing in EACH of the following things at no cost!
    60-Days VIP Coaching Program
    Regularly $1497 Included at NO COST
    • We custom-built this brand new coaching program to basically guarantee that you get the results you want with Digital Storefronts.

    • One of our most successful DSF students, Lewis Vandervalk, will personally walk alongside you for the next 60 Days -- guiding you through setting up your biz, creating DSF sites, and getting clients..

    • The only way you walk away from this 60-Day Coaching without a fully-functioning & profitable DSF biz is if you just completely gave up! (But Lewis will also be there to hold you accountable -- so I wouldn’t bet on that happening!)

    Now, anytime a new DSFer joins the program our first goal for them is to simply build 10 sites.

    (And no worries -- how to do this is laid out step-by-step inside the course. I’m certainly no techie myself so I’ve made sure this part is very detailed!)

    But then.. how do you find the right business owners to “rent” the sites to? What niches should you target? Which cities or towns?

    This part can be tricky and I don’t want it to slow you down. Which is why as part of our Black Friday Special you’re also going to get...
    Your First 10 Niches Personally Reviewed By Me!
    Regularly $497 Included at NO COST
    • The #1 problem EVERYONE faces in this business is that they’re not sure “where to start” when it comes to picking niches.

    • So I’m going to personally review your first 10 DSF Site niches to guarantee your biz is off to the best possible start! (No more confusion or wondering if you’re doing things “right”).

    • This will also let you save dozens of hours (and likely hundreds of dollars) by not having to guess-and-check your first 10 niches on your own.

    Now I always want to be honest with all my students and those interested in joining the program.

    There is a bit of work involved to get this working -- especially at the start.

    However the good news is that after the initial “push” to get everything up and running smoothly…

    You can actually automate around 80% of the ENTIRE business -- letting you free up huge chunks of your time to do the things you love!

    And we’re including Free Access to our FlyWheel Funnel Software to help you do exactly that...
    2 Months FlyWheelFunnel Access
    Regularly $197/Month Included at NO COST for the first 60 days
    • Gets the most powerful foot-in-the-door marketing service we’ve ever seen (you can -- and should -- charge $500+ for this even if you’re a total beginner)

    • Thousands spent in advanced AI programming to make this software as easy to run (and get results for your clients!) as pushing a button.

    PLUS FlyWheel Funnel includes many run-on-autopilot services that we find business owners are HAPPY to pay monthly for -- giving you an extra source of almost entirely hands-off income!

    Then just to continue stacking the odds in your favor, we’re also throwing in...
    SEO Empires Course
    Regularly $997 Included at NO COST
    • Want to double… potentially TRIPLE how much you earn inside of your DSF biz?

    • My SEO Empires will help you do just that -- by giving you proven, easy-to-follow strategies to get more eyeballs on your DSF sites.

    • Because more eyeballs and traffic means better results for your clients… and better results for your clients means higher fees for you! Right?

    Plus I want to give you the chance to learn not just from me -- but from some of our most successful students too!

    DSF Live Event 2021 Recording
    Regularly $497 Included at NO COST
    • Get the complete replay of what was hands down the BEST Live Event we’ve ever hosted (at least so far…) where people paid as much as $1997 to attend.

    • My SEO Empires will help you do just that -- by giving you proven, easy-to-follow strategies to get more eyeballs on your DSF sites.

    • Plus… discover how you can SAVE local businesses from a massive lawsuit with just a couple clicks of a button (and earn up to $5K in return!)

    And last but NOT least, I also want to invite you to our next DSF Live Event by giving you a Free ticket! 
    Ticket to Our Next DSF Live Event!
    Regularly $497 Included at NO COST
    • Get the chance to mastermind (in person!) with me and some of the most successful Christian entrepreneurs in the entire Nation.

    • At past events we’ve had students generate over $15k in revenue for their businesses in a single afternoon.. this time we want YOU to take part too!

    • And to quote DSFer Zach Coder -- he says every live event gives him a “brain explosion” of new insights and ideas to grow his income!

    Wow, we just covered a lot!

    So just to recap..

    Everything I’ve listed above -- from The 60-Days VIP Coaching Program onwards)…

    That’s over $5,600 in some of our BEST coaching, training, software, and online income growing strategies...

    Is all yours at no additional cost when you join us inside Digital Storefronts today!

    However due to demand and limited time slots on our team’s calendars..

    The only “requirement” to be eligible for this special offer on DSF is to book your call by Monday, November 29th.

    After that, this special offer on DSF will be gone for good…

    And enrollment in the program will go back to “business as usual”.

    Where’d you have to invest thousands of dollars extra for access to FlyWheel Funnel, the 60-Day VIP Coaching, The 10 Niches Review, The Live Event Ticket, and the SEO Empires Course.

    So, what do you say?

    Is this a deal you don’t want to miss out on?!

    I know I certainly wouldn’t want to…

    The call is only 30 minutes…

    And the only goal here is to make sure that Digital Storefronts makes sense for you and your family.

    I don’t want to put anyone in a bind..

    And I certainly don’t want to put anyone in a situation where they wish they hadn’t joined.

    Does that make sense?

    If we decide together that the program is for you and you’d like to move forward, then we’ll set up a second call where we’ll give you a complete walkthrough of the program.

    You’ll see exactly how it’s run, where and how to start building DSF sites and finding clients for them, where to get support when needed…

    And of course, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

    Sound good?


    Just click here to take the next steps and lock-in your call before November 29th!

    I can’t wait to start working with you on the inside :)

    Your Friend,

    Cory Long

    P.S. Apologies for the long email. If you only had time to skim it and scroll down to the bottom, here’s the deal:

    We just launched our first ever DSF Black Friday Special, where when you decide to join our family inside the program today…

    We’re also throwing in over $5,600 in additional coaching, training, support, software, and income-growing strategies at absolutely no cost.

    If you’ve been wanting to have your own online side-biz but have been waiting for the “right” time to make the plunge into DSF… That time is now.

    So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure to click the button and book your call before Monday, November 29th!

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